Student Spotlight - Taylor McLamb

Taylor McLamb has not let the liberal status quo keep her quiet. A junior at North Carolina State University, Taylor has started a conservative women’s group on campus to let other people know that the age of radical feminism is over and that conservatism is where women are best represented.

We talked to Taylor about what she’s doing on campus to break stereotypes and share her conservative ideas with her peers:

Luce: How did you become a conservative?

Taylor: I come from a very conservative family in North Carolina. Upon coming to college I kept these traditions and beliefs because they simply seemed more sensible and practical to me. I’m a conservative woman because I do not believe that women are victims of society still, I believe in less taxing, as well as the government having less control over businesses and citizens.

Luce: As a conservative, what challenges do you face at your school?

Taylor: Being conservative makes you a minority at almost any college. I’m fortunate to attend a university that is largely conservative, however this doesn’t mean I don’t face challenges. The administration is very left-sided and when it comes to acquiring any kind of support for a conservative club, it remains difficult. As a political science major, I face challenges in many of my classes. So many professors are biased with their teachings but it always seems to make for good debates in class!

Luce: What is your most memorable activist experience?

Taylor: My most memorable experience has come from talking to students about [my campus conservative women’s club.] Telling girls about an organization on campus that is different from any other, not being feminist or left-sided, spurs up a lot of reactions. I have enjoyed helping other girls like myself find their “niche”.

Luce: Tell us about your experience with hosting a Luce campus lecture

Taylor: Being a part of a conservative organization for university women, I felt that a big part of being active on campus and engaging other students would be to host a conservative speaker at my university. CBLPI assisted us with funding and also lent us their support and advice upon hosting S.E. Cupp. I was happy to invite members of the Raleigh community as well. Students were intrigued with the topic on feminism and how the liberal media has attacked conservative women.

Luce: Who is your favorite conservative woman leader and why?

Taylor: S.E. Cupp remains my favorite conservative woman because of her enthusiastic and humorous approach to politics. She sways against the typical liberal feminist movement that continues to sweep across the country and college campuses. Her approach to her lectures is light and she relates to her audiences, both young and old, very well.

Luce: What advice would you give other conservative students?

Taylor: Refuse to accept the status quo. If you don’t like something on your campus, change it. It’s easier than you think especially with the right help and support. Form networks with other conservative leaders on campus. Stay committed to pushing the conservative movement on campuses.

Luce: Where do you hope to be in 10 years?

Taylor: In 10 years, I hope to have finished school with a degree in law. I also wish to be working in Washington D.C. at either a non-profit agency or a governmental official.

"Refuse to accept the status quo. If you don’t like something on your campus, change it."

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