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Speeches listed below are excerpts from our Great American Conservative Women book, a compilation of talks on various topics give at Conservative Women's Network events.

20th Anniversary Tribute by Clare Luce

Clare Luce  | 2013/09/26

Twenty years have passed since Michelle Easton launched the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute. My grandmother, Clare Boothe Luce, would be so proud to see her name and spirit -- her legacy of leadership -- carried on here: two decades of mentoring young conservative women and bolstering the next generation of female leaders.

Remarks at CPAC's 2011 "Are We Superman?" Panel

Lil Tuttle | 2011/02/15

Can School Choice grow the conservative movement, and if so, how?

In Celebration of Reagan's 100th Birthday

Michelle Easton | 2011/02/09

I want to tell one story that emphasizes the incredible impact President Reagan had on the lives of millions of people around the world.

2007 Women & Career Development Workshop

Karuna Johnson | 2007/06/08

A 2005 graduate from Mount Holyoke College, Karuna Johnson, an Economist in DC, gives advice on how to start a career after college.

CPAC 2007 Women & Career Development Workshop

Marji Ross | 2007/06/07

Marji Ross, president of Regnery Publishing, shares her tips on how to prepare for a successful interview and how to excel in your job.

Campus Speaker Kate Obenshain at Women & Career Development Workshop

Kate Obenshain | 2006/08/01

"As women, our ability to make a difference comes in many different forms."

CBLPI Campus Speaker Marji Ross Spoke At The Women & Career Development Workshop

Marji Ross | 2006/06/29

In February during the 2006 CPAC the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute hosted the Women & Career Development Workshop which featured speakers Marji Ross, Bay Buchanan, Kate Griffin and Nina Schmidgall.

Women & Career Development Workshop

Nina Schmidgall | 2006/06/29

Click here to read remarks by Nina Schmidgall, one of the speakers at CBLPI's Women & Career Development Workshop, held as part of the 2006 CPAC.

A Birthday Tribute To Clare Boothe Luce

Clare Luce  | 2006/06/27

Remarks given by Clare Boothe Luce's granddaughter, Clare Luce Abbey at the 2006 Circle of Friends Leadership Celebration.

Education in America Today

Michelle Easton | 2002/09/13

"These educationists want nothing less than a total monopoly over the formal intellectual training of children, and they almost got it."

Bill Clinton's Military--Under New Management

Elaine Donnelly | 2002/03/08

"Current readiness problems caused by Clinton-era policies will affect President Bush's ability to fight the war we are waging."

The New America: Has the Melting Pot Boiled Over?

Linda Chavez | 2001/07/23

"We've really reached a period in our history when we have to decide whether or not we want to become a balkanized nation, with lots of little individual ethnic and racial groups, whether we want diversity to overshadow what we have in common. In the past, our great success as a nation was our ability to take people from everywhere across the globe and make Americans of them."

Authentic Feminism

Laura Schlessinger | 2001/06/05

"The once valiant women's movement that I embraced is no longer about fairness, equality, opporunity, and respect for all women - it's about the politics of selective diversity and, ultimately, of divisiveness. It is ant-female, anti-family, and anti-children."

The Legacy of Clinton's Web of Treaties

Phyllis Schlafly | 2001/05/04

"Bill Clinton's Chief Foreign Policy Advisor, Strobe Talbot, wrote in Time magazine, 'Nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single global authority.'"

My Struggle from Welfare to Independence

Star Parker | 2001/04/06

"As late as 1965, 78 percent of black husbands were in their homes with their families, despite racism and poverty. Then came the Great Society, and the illegitimacy rates in Black America soared to 70 percent."

Clearing the Air

Becky Norton Dunlop | 2001/01/12

"Do you realize that the laws in our country exact a more severe punishment for destroying condor eggs than for destroying another human being?"

I Worked for the Real Clare Boothe Luce

Letitia Baldrige | 2000/12/08

"The third day I was there, I heard shrieks, yelling, and pounding down below. I rushed down to the kitchen and I found the chef and the maitre d'hotel going at each other with kitchen knives. That's when I realized I was in for a real ride with this job."

Truth in Polls: How Junk Science Sustains the "Gender Gap"

Kellyanne Conway | 2000/10/13

"Even though women consider themselves to be Democrat over Republican by eight points, women are twice as likely (45 percent-21 percent) to describe their social and economic outlook as 'conservative' rather than 'liberal'."

Women Should Refuse to Choose Between Family and Career

Jeane Kirkpatrick | 2000/09/15

"People have often said to me, what did I do that was the most interesting thing in my life. The answer is having a baby. That was by far the most important, exciting experience of my life. Having and raising babies is more interesting than making speeches at the United Nations. Believe me."

From the Broadway Stage to the Political Stage: What Annie Taught Me About Being a Good Conservative

Randall Brooks Phillips | 2000/07/21

"If you don't communicate the message and you don't learn to deliver it well, what's the point of having a message? And we have a message of truth."

Democrats Advice to Bush: Keep Your Judges Off My Judiciary!

Ann Coulter | 2000/06/05

"Another centrist Clinton judge, Harold Baer Jr., ruled that there was no 'probably cause' to arrest suspects who flee at the sight of police officers while loading bags into the trunk of a car late at night in a high drug-trafficking area."

How Women See Themselves: The Latest Polls

Karlyn Bowman | 2000/05/12

"Young people today don't have much trust in the federal government. The young are also suspicious of big business. And many distrust the institution of marriage."

Character Can Be Taught

Elayne Bennet | 2000/03/24

"Sexually transmitted diseases often display few symptoms, but they can lead to infertility and even cervical cancer. As you may know, cervical cancer is a tremendous increase."

The Federal Government - Huge, Wasteful, and Inefficient: What Can We Do?

Virginia Thomas | 2000/02/11

"Washington is spending money at a rate of $3 million a minute. An average family pays 40 percent of its income in taxes - more than food, clothing, shelter, and transportation combined."

Property Rights vs. Government Regulation: More at Stake Than Just Your Backyard

Nancie Marzulla | 1999/11/19

"There are two ways that an oppressor or a dictator can control the people - through physical oppression and through controlling private property."

From Pro-Choice to Life: One Mother's Story

Carmen Pate | 1999/07/09

"I couldn't explain why, but from the moment of my abortion, I had this longing to hold my child."

Protecting Our Land Base

Helen Chenoweth-Hage | 1999/06/11

"Other countries have also seen wilderness designations or biosphere reserves virtually destroy the concept of private property."

Men (and Women) Behaving Badly

Suzanne Fields | 1999/05/07

"A downside of the sexual revolution that accompanied Feminism is the coarsening of male-female relationships. As a result a subculture of men has found it easy to be self-indulgent and irresponsible."

Women and Social Security: Real Strategies to Change the Future

Darcy Olsen | 1999/03/12

"The plan is for politicians in 2013 to dip into the trust fund in order to pay benefits. That, however, is when some people say the crisis starts. Because the money won't be there."

The War Against Boys

Christina Hoff Sommers | 1999/01/08

"The energy, adventurousness, stoicism, and competitiveness of normal, decent males are responsible for much of what is right in the world. All ages have understood this. All healthy societies appreciate and prize their young men. Why, in this day and age, should we be turning against them?"

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