V-DUnveiled Themes and Event Ideas

Each campus is different, but after speaking with dozens of you, we came up with ideas to help you develop events to counter and challenge "V-Day" activities at your school. They are grouped under four different aspects of the human person: the mind, the soul, the body, and the heart. Below each is a list of event ideas to spark ideas about how you can counter this reduction of women and remind people of the broader union of mind, heart, body, and soul that is the human person.

If you have questions or need additional suggestions, please feel free to contact us via email or toll-free at 888.891.4288.


Celebrate the intellect and creativity of women and/or men, past and present.

  • Have a debate to challenge the student organizers or participants about how the content of the play addresses the deep inner desires of women, or how it addresses the problem of violence against women.
  • Organize a book swap. Invite students to go through their bookshelves and bring previously read/unwanted books to a central spot for others to peruse or take home.
  • Host a salon where you invite people to come for intellectual conversation on a particular topic! (Roger Williams University calls it Socrates Café). Advertise the topic beforehand in the form of a question, i.e. Does The Vagina Monologues constructively address the issue of violence against women? Invite all students and professors to attend and discuss openly.
  • Hold a book sale to raise money for a local women's shelter or another great cause, like a non-profit adoption center, or a pro-life/unplanned pregnancy information center.
  • Host a movie night to highlight great works of film or their subjects, (Pride and Prejudice, anyone?!) i.e. movies with smart, beautiful women! You can consider charging an entry fee to raise money for a local women's domestic abuse shelter or another local group so that students who choose not to attend the play will feel they are still supporting an important cause.
  • Host a discussion about two great American leaders--one woman, one man--and conduct readings from a book about them.
  • Ladies, instead of attending the play, invite your friends over for a dorm room or sorority chat about your favorite woman role model. If it is someone local, invite her to join you and meet up at a coffee house.
  • Arrange a study group or reading of a great American classic play or novel, especially one whose protagonist is a smart, effective woman.


Grow in virtue through charitable giving! Your group can be actively saving baby girls' lives by raising money for pro-life organizations or for battered women's shelters. Show "V-Day" supporters that money can be raised in better ways.

  • Go to local businesses and ask them to make donations (gift certificates, products, etc.) for a silent student auction. Donate the proceeds.
  • Hold a clothing drive and donate items.
  • Check if dining services will allow students to sign away a meal from their meal plan in exchange for the money being held for a charitable cause.
  • Contact a pizza delivery business like Domino's and arrange for a certain percentage of revenue during a particular time of day to be donated. Advertise to students and encourage pizza orders during that time.
  • If you have a conservative newspaper or write for a school publication, interview school administrators and ask them if they approve of the play, why or why not. If the school is religious, consider interviewing the head priest or chaplain. Also, interview the director of the play and challenge them on how the play effectively raises awareness about violence against women.


Think about ways to promote a true understanding of the body, not one that degrades the body!

  • Find a local or national speaker present a beautiful vision of human sexuality. There are great speakers who can speak about the addictive and destructive nature of pornography, the harm done by political correctness in terms of misinformation about the campus "hook-up" culture, or the true meaning of love and marriage and sexual intimacy.
  • Contact local abuse counselors and ask them to donate some time to offer free services for students.
  • Organize practical and informational events focusing on safety and self-defense for women on campus. Ask local self-defense trainers to give free lessons to students. Contact the local police department for recommendations.
  • Have a class on gun education. Contact CBLPI to bring in gun rights activist Shemane Nugent or a local NRA group to request a speaker.
  • Hold a debate or discussion about commonly misstated facts and statistics about women: STD's and infertility, abortion, violence against women. Or schedule a chalking campaign around campus.
  • Ask a local business, i.e. Target or Wal-Mart, to donate flashlights or mace to women students.
  • Research your school's crime rates and share that information with students. Are there dark or especially unsafe areas on campus that students should know about? Do you have a public safety office and do they offer safety escort services?
  • Plan a free Spa Night the same night as the opening night of the play, and ask local businesses to contribute products and services as an alternative event for women to attend!


Reclaim the tradition of love and romance!

  • Host activities around Valentine's Day to promote life-long love and fidelity. Encourage a return to dating! Have a raffle to give away free dinner and a movie. Host an evening dinner/dating party where the girls each take off a shoe and drop it in a pile; the guys then pick a shoe out of the pile, and they spend the date with the girl to whom it belongs.
  • Find a way to honor the gentlemen you know: make badges for them, saying, "Proud to be a Gentleman". Host a dinner in their honor.
  • Ladies, boycott The Vagina Monologues and have a “chick flick” movie marathon with films on love and romance.
  • Host a speaker or have a panel discussion on issues that affect women and/or couples, i.e. modesty, love, romance, marriage, motherhood; for women – balancing career and family; for men, fatherhood or leadership, and for both, how to find "the one" in a "hook-up" culture.
  • Sell flowers on or around Valentine's Day for $1 or $2 each. A local florist might give you a deal. This could be both a fundraiser and an affirmation of the holiday.
  • Have a “Singles Night” event on campus – plan something fun for those who are unattached like arranging for a local musician to play at a coffee house on a specific evening.

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