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Do you want to get involved in the conservative movement? Are you interested in becoming a stronger student activist on your campus? Do you have aspirations for a career in public policy, journalism, development or communications?


"I do not know of any other organization that could have been able to benefit me—a conservative female college student—in such a profound way. They have equipped me with the knowledge and resources to fight the left on my campus. The Institute is changing lives of students all across this nation, and I was honored to spend a summer with them..." — Viktoriya Mukha, UC-Berkeley, 2013 Intern


The Luce Policy Institute welcomes your application for a spring, summer or fall internship at our Northern Virginia headquarters, just outside of Washington, DC. Please note that internships are only open to students who will be attending a college or university as an undergraduate the semester following their internship with Luce.



"My internship at CBLPI was life-changing. I not only became stronge in my conservative beliefs, but I learned from great conservative women leaders how to maximize my impact on campus and in my professional life." Kira Tieman, Wesley College, 2013 Intern


As an intern, students learn more about important public policy issues, help coordinate events on Capitol Hill and around Washington, D.C. with top conservative women leaders like Ann Coulter, Bay Buchanan, Michelle Malkin, and KT McFarland, and research and write about the issues affecting their campus.


Interns may also have the opportunity to be aired live on C-SPAN, get opinion articles published, and participate in DC-area conservative student events as time allows.



"My summer internship at CBLPI was the best summer of my life. The interaction with national conservative leaders revitalized and strengthened my enthusiasm. I learned valuable skills for the workplace and in the real world, and greatly improved my writing, networking and public speaking skills." — Natalie Cuzmenco, Elon University, 2013 Intern


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Applications may be submitted via email, regular mail, or fax to 703-318-8867. To apply for an internship at the Luce Policy Institute, submit a completed application package including:

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, however deadlines for summer and academic year submissions are:

Summer Internship Deadline:
March 15 (June-August)

Academic Year Internship Deadlines:
Fall – July 15 (September – December)
Spring – November 15 (January – May)

Internships are on a full-time basis (40 hours per week). While we do not offer housing as part of the internship program, we can suggest local housing options. You will need to arrange your own accommodations. Internships are open to full-time undergraduate students attending school in the United States only. Rising sophomores and juniors are preferred, although all full-time undergraduate students are encouraged to apply.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact us via email or by calling us toll-free at 888.891.4288.


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