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Suzanne Fields writes a twice weekly column for The Washington Times and is syndicated nationally by Creators Syndicate.

She writes on a wide range of topics at the intersection of politics and culture. She'll tell you how Tarzan became "politically correct." She'll explain why Princeton University dared to hire a professor who advocates killing babies. She offers reasons why women find male feminists no better than male chauvinists and why our political campaigns are the revenge of the Teletubby generation.

Fields puts these topics, and more, on the liveliest op-ed pages in America. She shuns the stuffy, the doctrinaire and the boring, substituting wit, humor and the kind of provocative insights that have made her syndicated column one of the bright lights of commentary.

Based in Washington, DC and at home in the steamy precincts of national politics, Fields writes "off the news" in a way that attracts both men and women of all ages to look at issues where people actually live, illuminating the big picture with revealing facts and anecdotes that many of her colleagues miss. She's a cultural conservative, with a small "c," but she's never shrill or rigid in her columns or her speeches. She writes and talks about sexual politics and politicized sexuality in the way college students rap about them - seriousness laced with skepticism and humor. She examines trends before many sociologists or politicians do.

Fields' speeches include controversial issues that college students debate endlessly: the sexual politics of dating, mating, harassment, feminism, chauvinism and political correctness as well as sexual politics of first ladies, second men, third parties and the fourth estate. She has been a popular commentator on many network and cable talk shows featuring news and social issues, offering common sense in an uncommon way.

Fields is the mother of two daughters and lives in Washington, DC with her husband.

Subjects of Interest:

Popular Culture
V-Day and "The Vagina Monologues"
Women's Studies

Books by Suzanne Fields:

Like Father, Like Daughter: How Father Shapes the Woman His Daughter Becomes

Articles by Suzanne Fields:

The Naked Truth on Campus
Dr. Faust and Other Females
Much Ado About a Lot
Nobody Here but Us Believers
Moving Away From Make-Believe
Back to Bare Knuckles
Sandra Dee and Britney Spears
The Inconvenient Truth
Female Courage Unveiled
I'm in Denial, You're in Denial
An Eye (Contact) for an Eye
Back On The Menu
A Tale of Two Cities
Prophecies of Doom
The Singles Without Bliss
But Is It Good for the Jews?
Protesting a Library
The Disputed Urge to Surge
Sexual Politics and Power
Can Conservatism Survive?
Weaving a Web of Wonder
New Year Designs for Happiness
Sense and Sexuality

Speeches by Suzanne Fields:

Men (and Women) Behaving Badly

Speech Topics:

"Heteroflexible" and "Metrosexual": The Newest Language of Decadence

Empowering Women (and, therefore, men) in Marriage, Motherhood, & Career

Looking for Mr. (Word) Perfect

The "Stepford Wives" of Womens Studies (or the New Conformists)

The Naked Truth on Campus: Who Can Shock When Nothing's Shocking?

When The Vagina Monologues Trump Moses & Matthew

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