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Great leadership is hard to define, yet easy to spot in others. We are drawn to people who have effective leadership qualities. They earn our respect, shape our thinking, and inspire our actions.

"Leaders are made, not born," the saying goes, and we at the Luce Institute can attest to its truth. We see highly effective, successful leaders in the campus speakers and other conservative women leaders we promote.

Their personal backgrounds and fields of interest and endeavor may be quite diversebusiness, print and electronic media, filmmaking and entertainment, elected office, government and non-profitsbut they share the same leadership qualities and skills.

We see these same characteristicsin varying degrees of developmentin the students with whom we work, and we can only imagine what these women will accomplish in 5, 15, or 25 years.

Sadly, too many of us overlook our own potential for leadership. Each of us has many spheres of influence: our home, workplace, community, and the public square. (Want a little inspiration for better communication? Check this out.)

Don't sell yourself short, and do draw inspiration from those who have achieved success. They grew to be great leaders. So can you, whatever your age.


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