Free "Luce Lady" Posters

Get a FREE Malkin or Coulter poster!

Shipping and handling charge of $7.00 applies

Be the envy of your friends and roommates, ladies! Choose from among three beautiful 24" by 36" "I am a Luce Lady" posters* featuring conservative divas Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter. And when your liberal or apathetic friends ask you what a Luce Lady is, here's your chance to launch into a fair and balanced explanation of what it means to be a smart, classy self-assured conservative woman.

Posters are free-but because we want your poster to arrive free of wrinkles and creases, a shipping and handling charge of $7 applies. (If you would like two posters, a $9 shipping and handling fee applies).

*The Ann Coulter poster shown above to the right is not yet in stock.

To order a poster, please email or call us at (888) 891-4288.

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