CHOICES Scholarship Program

The CHOICES scholarship program is designed to assist Virginia parents in providing their elementary and secondary school-age children a safe and effective education in the school of their choice.

NOTICE: This private program relies entirely on the generosity and ability of many individual charitable donors to fund Choices scholarship grants. Unfortunately, the nation's continuing economic recession has negatively affected charitable donors' ability to support the program, and we regret that funding is not available to continue the program.

Consequently, the Choices Scholarship program has been suspended indefinitely.

First established by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Phillips, CHOICES scholarships of $1,000 are available on a competitive basis to provide financial aid to those who wish to attend, or a currently attending, a K-12 private school or tuition-charging, out-of-district public school. To qualify, students must be of compulsory school age (as defined by Virginia law) and a current resident of the state of Virginia.

Applications are accepted at any time during the year, and a student's application remains active for one full year.

Scholarship awards are made throughout the year. Selections are made by unanimous decision of the Scholarship Review Committee, and the Committee's decisions are final. Personal interviews with the student and his/her parent or guardian at the student's school are then conducted by Luce Policy Institute staff to confirm information submitted on the application. Payment of the scholarship is awarded following the confirmation and interview process.

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Lil Tuttle,
Education Director

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